From Seed To Tree Children’s Yoga Sequence

From Seed To Tree Ebook (Kindle, Nook, KOBO, Ipad, Sony Ereader, Ebookpie formats available, edited version is coming in 2013 along with some other titles)

Seed to Tree II  (pdf) 

Here’s the latest media for the Seed to Tree children’s yoga sequence and story – storybook yoga. Start off in Butterfly and do some breathing shoulder and neck warm ups, move into seed before growing into a tall tree. The seasons are like mini sun salutations and the sequence also teaches about the life cycle of a tree. Full notes to the sequence are below. I do hope you enjoy this sequence with your little yogis! This is  a great mini sequence for 20 to 25 minute classroom yoga breaks designed to help children with focus.

Some Notes from my experience with the seed to tree sequence:

  • The rhymes are meant as a fun story for the kids, spend some time on each pose and use your own words as a facilitator in each position. The whole sequence should take about 20 minutes so STRETCH out each page and enjoy it!)
  • Spend some quality time in butterfly, breathing in different ways (in through nose, out through mouth, vice versa etc..), do some shoulder rolls, some neck rolls and even some hip rolls.
  • First Seed position, focus on stretching backs, breathing deeply, when moving to sprout and the seedling, emphasize slow movements  coordinated with slower breathing.
  • The seasons are like mini sun salutations to get the kids up and moving, you are meant to tuck and then slowly unfold, jump up  (please make sure children have adequate space up, down and around for this ) and reach for the sky while grounding your feet and then slowly fold back to a ‘winter’ position. Try to do two or three when you get to this point in the book.
  • When transitioning from down dog to warrior, bring one foot between the hands in a low lunge position, feel free to add a one legged dog too!
  • Don’t forget that the Down Dog to Warriors to Half Moon are meant to be repeated on the other side before you engage in sun salutations again.
  • For the Little Tree, Big Tree and then forward fold, the same applies as above, do the other leg before transitioning to your last set of seasons.
  • Ensure you are coordinating your movements with your inhales and exhales and cueing the children to breathe through their challenges balancing and root their foot  in the earth and extend their  crown to the sun.
  • The last part of the sequence, spend some quality time in seed position with eyes closed and resting, if you can gently rub the arch of the children’s back and remind them to engage in deep breathing and relax. This mild inverted position should leave the children feeling calm and peaceful after the sequence.

I hope you find this information useful,

Thank You and  Sat Nam,

Jodie Taylor

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