Yoga for Skiers and Boarders

Goddess Warrior II TriangleYoga is a great complement to just about any sporting or academic endeavor. My son is an avid skier so I try to keep up with ways to prepare him for a safe and fun ski season. Below is the sequence gallery of coloring pages and each gallery slide comes with suggested cues for doing the exercises in each mini sequence. Remember don’t do this if a Dr. has told you not to exercise!

You can use this sequence to help your little ones improve core and leg strength, focus, concentration, hip and knee flexibility; for success and safety on the slopes!

The sequence is in a specific order because it is important to warm up your core  before doing balance and leg strength exercises.

Frog Hops should be used in between mini sequences to help young boarders and skiers with knee and hip flexility along with dynamic leg strength. Ensure you emphasize breathe and movement coordination, soft take off and landings, not jumping high, but in a controlled manner from the ground up. Besides, they are also super fun and really get the energy going, so less towards the end of class before the calming Corpse pose finish. 🙂

The most important cues to use to help the athletes are those reminding kids to focus on 1. Breathing 2. Breathing and 3.Grounding the feet while doing balances!

Print these pages for coloring to help the young (and older!) visual and tactile learners absorb a bit better and have fun! Suggested cues accompany each gallery page.

Always follow up with a seated meditation of at least a minute or two before strapping your board on and getting your pass out for the lift.

Sat Nam, be safe and have fun on the slopes this winter.



We usually do some of these exercises, we pick out a core mini sequence, then a leg strength and a couple of balance and always finish with rest and then a little meditation.

Also, I found the below links (in addition to other materials) helpful in making the above sequence:

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