January 25th 2013 is National Yoga Recess Day

Support the Yoga Health Foundation by donating and or participating in Yoga Recess Day on January 25th, 2013.

Yoga Recess Day is a National campaign and platform to bring yoga based health education into classrooms.”

Yoga has many benefits including increased focus, coordination and balance in addition to greater inner peace and calm for children. Presently, academic curriculum is increasing in difficulty while physical education is being cut from our budgets. We are asking our little one’s to make their brains work harder and not offering their bodies the support necessary to get the brain’s work done. Let’s change this by putting yoga in schools. Yoga is ideal for school environments because it is non competitive, easily adaptable and everyone wins just by participating. Providing small yoga breaks like the one below during the school day would help ALL children succeed academically.

Yoga would also help to tackle the problem we are experiencing in the United States of violence in schools.  Many who have experienced yoga have felt the inner peace and strength that comes from just one hour or this non competitive exercise. Providing our children yoga at school would not only help them academically, it would help to tackle peace and calm in our school system from inside each child, helping them feel happy, less stressed and healthy because they have exercised. No amount of policing will ever protect us from violence entirely. By looking within we tackle the real root of the problem and increase  our ability to prevent violence in our schools both sustainably and lastingly.

To read more about The Yoga Health Foundation and Yoga Recess Day on their website:www.yogahealthfoundation.org.

Here’s what I’m planning on doing with the kids I teach at Recess on the 25th:

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