May 24th 2013 Full Moon Coloring Sheets

Dolphin PoseHappy Memorial Day Weekend!

This month’s free, and printable, kids yoga coloring sheets are in honor of Memorial Day weekend here in the USA. We have a fun, imaginative and energizing sequence set on the beach this May! First we start off as a Butterfly, fluttering our wings and breathing on the beach, then we turn into Little and Big Boats rocking in the water and working on our core strength. Continuing with core after Boats, we have fun in Crab, Shark, and, Dolphin poses followed by some leg strength and, balancing in all 3 Warrior poses. We take some time planting and rooting our feet in Mountain, High Mountain and Tree poses (don’t forget to do both sides!) before we finish off on the beach with some Bridge, Fish and a little meditation in Lotus pose. To view all the coloring sheets for this sequence please continue reading….

Be creative, safe, and, most of all, have fun with this one! Note, the quotes on how to for each pose are from the new Kids Yoga 100 coloring book, for sale on Amazon June 15th, 2013.

Sat Nam,


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