June 2013 Full Moon Yoga Coloring Sequence: Paddle Board Yoga!


This month of June, 2013, we have a super moon upon us, on June 23rd. From what I understand, this means that the moon will be very close to earth, relative to other full moons observed this year. Here in Lake Tahoe, California, we love to paddle board, so, this month we have a, stand up paddleboard yoga sequence, that you can do under the light of this June super moon, for those who don’t mind getting a bit wet once in a while*!

First we start off in butterfly (to read more on how to see gallery of coloring pages), feet together, knees to the side, spine straight, shoulders rolled back, loosen your heart and smile for a few moments, center and listen to the sound of the water rippling against the paddleboard. Once centered, and thankful for yoga time,  move onto hands and knees for some balancing fun. Take some time, with torso extended, grounding through the lower legs, hips over knees, shoulders over hands, arms extended, in table (see mini sequences in gallery), find your balance, breath, before doing some cat and cow stretching. Hiss… Moo….

Breathing in, while dropping the heart, raising the head, rolling the shoulders and hips back, in cat. Breathing out, arching the back, dropping the  head, while grounding through the lower legs and hands on the board, in cow. After a few cat/cows, feeling the spine stretching, take a few moments to breath and feel the water underneath your hands and lower legs, in table position again, before you try cat balance, and, cat ballet (see description in the gallery below, all quotes from the Kids Yoga 100) ! Be prepared to get wet for these fun balances, move carefully, slowly and mindfully, they are a challenge on a board! Have a life jacket handy and leash yourself to your board, always SUP yoga with a buddy 🙂

Once you have tried some board balances on your hand (s) and knee (s), press hands, and feet, into the board equally, and, raise hips, rolling the shoulder in, a little, while dropping the head in downward facing dog. Breathing in, and out slowly, balancing on all four, raise one foot, stretching one leg up, grounding through the two hands the other foot, other side… Find yourself back in downward dog before, pressing your feet into the board equally, and, slowly walking your hands to your toes and into a standing forward fold position. Stay here a few moments, breath, stretch with gravity, bounce gently on the water. After a good calming stretch in standing forward fold, slowly roll up to standing, into mountain pose, bringing the palms together in front of the heart, breathing while staying grounded, listen to the birds, smell the breeze, feel the water under your feet, look around you and smile! Breathe into high mountain and reach for the sky while grounding through your two feet, stretching your whole body! Move from high to low mountain several times, breathing in while stretching your arms up, breathing out while bringing your hands down and in front of the chest. You may try tree and see how it goes after mountains, warning, be kind to yourself and your board, it’s a tough one, and expect to get a little wet and have fun with tree on the water!

After soaking yourself with tree pose a few times, get back on your board and lie down, first on your tummy. Stretch and breath while gently bending your back in cobra and pigeon poses (see description of how to, quotes from Kids Yoga 100, in the below gallery) before moving onto your back, for rock pose. Take some long slow breaths, feeling your lungs inflating in your chest against your thighs, knees close to the chest, before moving your feet, flat on the board, below your hips, take a few breathes before, raising the hips to bridge pose. Move bridge up and down a few times with your breathing cycle, before trying the twisted river, breathing in and out 5 to 10 times on each side, stretching, twisting, before lying down flat, in log pose, resting a while and breathing slowly before meditation in hero pose, to finish off the sweet, and, totally awesome, paddle board yoga sequence.

There’s some mini’s and a partner flower pose to try out too! Quotes on how to for each pose are from the “Kids Yoga 100: An Interactive Yoga Coloring Book”. * Have fun, be safe, always leash yourself to your paddleboard and where a lifejacket and paddle board yoga with a buddy in good weather! Be aware that falling off your board can hurt a bit….

Last but not least, this month’s coloring sequence is dedicated to June Taylor, my mom, who would have celebrated her 67th birthday on June 23rd, 2013. I give thanks each day that, I, got the opportunity to be your daughter, mom.

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