July 22nd, 2013, fullmoonyoga Coloring Sequence: A Hike in the Forest!

Criss Cross ApplesauceThis month’s coloring sequence is, “A Hike in the Forest” includes 17 individual coloring poses, 3 mini sequences and 1 partner pose. (Please note, the coloring gallery has also been updated for the sheets below). The quotes on the gallery/print off for each slide are from my book,  the Kids Yoga 100: An Interactive Coloring Book for Children and the Adults in their lives. To sun the sequence up briefly, this July full moon, first off, we will center ourselves in criss cross applesauce, breathing, perhaps doing some shoulder and neck rolls (head down, chin draws a half circle from shoulder to shoulder on chest), and a few “Oms”,for lung stretching and warm up (we also finish in this pose).  After criss cross, we calm ourselves, in mouse pose, with the head on the mat and paws stretched out in front, loosening the shoulders and stretching the arms, legs bent and tucked under the torso.  Once calm and feeling good in mouse, press four paws into the mat and raise the hips in the opposite direction, for downward dog. Give a few good howls while exhaling, after inhaling deeply, before raising your leg, to one leg dog. See more detailed “how to” on each gallery slide and …. don’t forget one leg dog on the  other leg, before hopping along the hiking path, in the forest, like a frog… Eagle Hop! Hop! … on the hike and, once done strengthening the legs and, having fun, being a frog, try  some warriors, II and III, to work on some leg strength and balancing, before walking up a mountain, a tall mountain that has trees and eagles! Remember to make lots of space for balancing poses, try them on both legs and be kind to yourself 🙂 Take your time and breathe deeply and slowly. When doing tree pose, have the raised foot above or below the knee, not on the knee. Balancing poses such as this help develop coordination, focus and concentration  so, breathe deeply, and smile, while trying these along your yoga hike, before taking a rest on your back, in rock pose, along the hiking path. 

Stretch your back by hugging your knees to your chest in rock, roll around a bit, massaging the back gently. Breathing slowly, spending some quality time, here, before  making your body into a bridge, by pressing the feet into the mat, parallel, hip distance apart, knees over feet,  raise the hips up and press the arms and hands in the mat underneath, feel the strenght in your abs and the stretch in your hips and lower back. Follow up bridge with a side lying twist, that I like to call, twisting river. Remember to twist your river both ways, along your yoga hike, take lots of time, before slowly rolling up and folding your body forward while seated. After several good breaths in seated forward fold, lie on your back, raise your heart and lean your head back, grounding through your shoulders, arms, lower back and legs. Breathe slowly, use a block for support while doing fish*, by putting it underneath your torso, between your shoulder blades, stretch! Follow up fish with a nice Loooonnnng rest in log or corpse pose, breathing slowly, resting each part of the body thoroughly before meditating once more in criss cross applesauce.

Sound like fun… ? 🙂 print the coloring pages in the galleries, color, and, do Yoga! *Remember, yoga can be done under any moon of the month,  and, always be sure to use caution, make lots of space, and be careful. Happy Yoga!

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