August 20th, 2013, fullmoonyoga Color Sequence: Safari Yoga!

LionThis August 2013’s coloring sequence is a Safari Yoga Sequence. Safari Yoga, is also a preview of an up and coming ebook, due to be released in the fall of 2013. There are 15 individual poses, 2 mini sequences and 1 partner pose, all updated in the coloring gallery for August 2013 full moon theme, Safari Yoga!

Our safari yoga sequence starts off with some Gorilla Breathing. Sitting with legs crossed, or, feet in Butterfly position, hold onto the ankles and as you inhale, bring your chest forward, and roll the hips back. Grunt as you exhale, hide your heart and rock your hips  forward.  Do this several times after centering and welcoming the class, and before moving to your belly for Alligator pose, a great core and back strengthener! (Detailed quotes from the Kids Yoga 100, on ” how to” can be found on each gallery slide)

After spending some quality time stretching and strengthening the core in Alligator Pose, bring your hands under your shoulders, bend your legs, and, bring the knees under the hips. Raise the torso, with shoulders over hands, arms extended, for Lion Pose. The neck is long, shoulders rolled, back,  similar to Table Top or Reverse Crab Poses. Inhale slow, and, exhale a loud “ROAR!!”, then raise the hips to Downward Dog. Stay there for a while, breathing deeply, in and out, before doing some Frog Hops. Hopping up and down, breathing out and in, keep hopping until you feel you are ready to strengthen your legs, a little more, in Goddess pose.

After Goddess, move mindfully, and slowly, into Triangle Pose. Reach your arms straight, and, to the sides, bend at the hips, reach your right hand to the right foot, and left hand to the sky, pointing your front foot forward. Legs straight, back foot to the side, torso is long. After a few really good breathing cycles and a smile 🙂 in Triangle, plant your right foot, lift your left foot off the ground and straighten your right leg for some balance in Half Moon. Focus and breath in Half Moon Pose before repeating Goddess, and then, Triangle, with the other leg, then, it’s time to get silly with some Elephant Walking (Don’t forget to “Play Spray”)

To finish the Safari Yoga Sequence, for August 2013 full moon yoga sequence, we try some back bending and stretching. First in Cobra Pose, by lying flat, belly on the mat, legs straight and behind you, hands under shoulders. Slowly raise the chest, bend the arms, roll the shoulders back and keep the neck long. Breathe deeply and fully, hiss on the exhale to add a little fun, before,  slowly and mindfully folding your body into Mouse Pose, with the head on the mat, arms/paws in front, knees tucked under chest. Mouse will help to stretch your back the opposite direction of Cobra, and Camel. Once comfy, and calm, in Mouse Pose, press the lower legs and feet into the mat at hip distance apart, put the hands on the back of the hips for support, carefully and slowly, lift your body from the knees up slowly, standing on your lower legs,  and slowly bending back, for Camel Pose. Listen to your body. The final poses of the Safari Yoga Sequence are  restful in Rock and Log Poses and then mindful breathing in Hero Pose for closing meditation.

Be safe, have fun, and, remember to see the details in the slide gallery for more information on how too.

Happy Yoga,

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