December 2013 Full Moon Yoga Coloring Sheets: Holiday Calming

StarThis December, I leave you with just a few, because during this time of year, there is so very much to do.

During the Winter solstice, and the holiday craze, life can often leave you feeling like you are in a haze.

Just take 5 simple minutes to practice these easy poses, use your heart, try your best, and, breathe in and out through your noses.

Start off in child’s pose or mouse, take a few breaths calmly, then move on for hero angels sweeping arms up, and, reaching as high as can be.

Leave your lower legs on the ground, feel the stretch as you reach high. You are like a snow angel,  only sweeping your arms to the sky.

Once you have completed about 26 of these, stand up and be a star, stretching your arms and legs if you please.

These 3 simple poses will help bring you some balance and light, during the holiday season, which can sometimes make you feel uptight!

Enjoy , peace to all and to all Happy Yoga!

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