Heart Yoga is February 2014 fmy Kids Yoga Coloring Sequence

Criss Cross ApplesauceThis February do some yoga for the good of your heart, and, criss cross applesauce is where this sequence will start!

With a few opening breathes and a some tuning in too, we’ll spend a few minutes here, before we move on to pose number two.

The second asana in our sequence, we move our head down into child’s pose, head on the mat, breathing in and out slowly, through our nose.

After some calming in child’s pose or mouse, we lie flat on our mat, we clasp our hands behind our back, and, raise our chest in shark, just like that!

Then we move up to all four paws for cat and cow, breathing slowly, we try a little cat balancing, lifting the opposite arm and leg,  and, reaching them wholy.

From cat balance, move up to star, standing and stretching all five points, before bending the arms and legs to goddess, for a few breathes to exercise joints.Triangle

We tip over to make a triangle, reaching one arm up high and one arm to the floor, and, then we try star, goddess, and, triangle on the other side, doing this once more.

While standing we move to balances, starting with mountain pose. Taking a few long breathes in and out through the nose.

After mountain we move to tree, rooting one foot in the ground, we turn into an eagle after a few slow breathes, focused, with no sound.

We try mountain, then tree and eagle once more balancing on the other side, before we lie down on the mat to do candlestick pose safely  with legs up, and, together, not wide.

After several breathes, safely positioned, in candlestick, lie flat,  and be a fish, with the chest up, legs flat, before finishing the sequence, and making one final wish.

In corpse pose, where we finish, we send thanks from our heart, and feel good inside our bodies, and all its wonderful parts!

~To Julia, and Charlie, you have my heart always, and, forever. Love Mom

Stay Tuned, http://www.fullmoonyoga.org, will soon become http://www.kidsyogashorts.com

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