Jodie and Julia PaddleYogaFullmoonyoga.org is a blog dedicated to providing creative kids yoga resources.

Why? Yoga is an efficient exercise that can help children combat obesity, violence and attention challenges faced each day in their environment, all at once. As if anyone has time these days to take on each of these challenges separately!

In Yoga, there is little energy wasted on competition, and, at the end of the class, each child has won by simply moving, breathing and being present.

* Disclaimer* This website offers creative ways to present yoga to kids, there are free printable coloring pages, suggestions on sequences and more.  Please observe the following: 1. Do not do physical activity when you are not feeling well and when a physician has asked you not to. 2. When doing yoga, make lots of space, go slow and always listen to your body before anyone else’s instructions, if it says “don’t bend that way” , don’t.

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