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Snow Yoga – 15 Minutes Animated Kids Yoga Sequence

Here’s the latest and greatest, Snow Yoga, a 15 minute short video for kids who love to ski and snowboard, like my son Charlie. I’m having so much fun putting everything together in these videos.

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November Coloring Sequence: Snow Sport Yoga

TobogganYoga is a fun way to offer kids extra strength, flexibility, and, focus to complement their activities in the snow and on the mountain this winter. Below are this November 2013 full moon’s 15 coloring pages, with a focus on snow sport preparation. My son is now 7, and, skiing in freestyle competitions again this winter, my daughter is starting her second year of ski school this year. We are a mountain family, so this is very relevant yoga for us, I try to keep it fun and engaging for them (and me).   Make some space, be safe and breathe. Quotes, where possible, are from the Kids Yoga 100. Thanks for your support.

Being on the mountain and engaging in snow sports obviously requires a lot of leg strength. Snow sports also benefit from good hip and knee flexibility, core and upper body strength, and, increased focus, that yoga offers the student. Providing a short,and, simple yoga warm up can help prepare the body, and, mind, for snow sport fun, and, safety.Chair

This coloring sequence is in a specific order because it is important to warm up your core, for success in leg strength, and, balance poses. First, we tune in in  Lotus pose, maybe do a few balloon breathes, and, washing machine twists. Then we move to the belly for toboggan (pictured above in color) followed by mouse, and down dog. We  calm ourselves in forward fold, then take a seat in chair pose. We rise to strengthen the legs in goddess and warrior II poses before engaging our focus in mountain, tree and eagle poses. After the leg strength and balance exercises, we lie down for a gentle back and knee stretch in rock,  bridge, and, seated forward twisting fold, before finishing with a nice rest in log . The cartoon short yoga video is due to be released just before thanksgiving (next week here in the US) This sequence will include a lot more movers and will be a great complement to the coloring sheets. Continue reading

August Omazing Kids LLC Coloring Book Giveaway

Kids Yoga 100 Aug 24th to 27th, 2013, Jodie’s first ever print coloring book,  Kids Yoga 100  (May 2013), is being featured on Omazing Kids, a popular health and wellness site for children and parents. Omazing Kids LLC features all types of products, bi weekly, from books to yoga mats and beyond, with information on product quality and always GREAT giveaways!

FMY is giving away 10 copies of the book, 3 Copies are going to be mailed with a set of 8 Rainbow Colored  Crayon Rocks , soy based, non toxic, and, ergonomically designed coloring crayons! (Please note these Rocks are not suitable for small children under 3 as they are a choking hazard).

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