Kids Yoga 100

Kids Yoga 100 To the left, the front cover of  “The Kids Yoga 100: An Interactive Yoga Coloring Book“, written and illustrated by Jodie Taylor, founder of

This interactive, yoga coloring book, is ideal for ages 2 to 10 to color and do, with the adults in their lives. Make space, flip through and color some pages, and, roll out your mat just about anywhere, for some simple yoga fun.  The Kids Yoga 100 is available at my publisher’s, Mira Smart, at their shop here, or on  Amazonhere.juliagardentree

The Kids Yoga 100 includes 100 coloring sheets of different yoga postures including: 64 Individual Poses, 8 Sequence Savers, 24 Mini Sequences and 4 Partner Poses. The individual poses are color coded for creative fun and easy sequencing. The yoga poses are all labelled with common children’s yoga names, and where possible, sanskrit names have been included.  There are instructions on how to use the book along with a table of contents to guide you through it. Each page also includes a brief set of suggestions on how to do the pose(s) and how to include in a children’s yoga sequence, as well as any reason’s not to engage in yoga.

JuliacrisscrossgardenBelow is the back cover of the coloring book, depicting a sample rainbow coloring yoga sequence that you can create, color and do, to help stay happy, and, healthy.

Kids Yoga 100 Back Cover

The book is printed on 50% recycled and 30% post consumer waste paper and the retail price of $9.99. A Part of the proceeds of this coloring book  help to fund local community kids yoga programs, like our recent sponsorship of 7 new kids yoga teachers at the Tahoe Radiant Child Level I to III Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. You can read about that project on world reputed teacher trainer, Shakta Kaur Khalsa’s personal blog article  ( or paste the following link: ) .

Thank you for your support, and thank you for doing Yoga!

~ Jodie Taylor

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