Kids Yoga 100 Below are 3 suggested games, Freeze Pose, Story Chain and Musical Mats.

You can play using the Kids Yoga 100: An Interactive Yoga Coloring Book . I like to start all my classes with a bit of centering and then a game. For children that are coming to class after siting at school all day, doing a fun movement game before a sequence is necessary for a more successful experience and ending meditation.

1. Freeze Pose Game: Equipment Needed: music, 3 or 4 individual yoga poses from the first section.

How To: Pick 3 or 4 individual poses from the book (pg 13 to 76). After opening and centering the class, introduce the 3 or 4 poses you picked. Discuss each one, demonstrate, let the kids try them, ask questions and explore. Once the kids know the poses, explain the game to them. You use a fun song that is up beat and positive. For example, I really like using Jack Johnson’s Curious George Soundtrack as it has songs about recycling and cooperation. Explain that, while the music is playing, the children may dance about freely and safely in the room. When the music stops, they must find their mats and assume one of the four yoga poses, that you will be calling out as the teacher, at that time. Go ahead, below are 3 poses , use Jack’s song “Upside Down” and see how this game can be a real winner with kids and a great way to shake some energy out in a positive, fun way.

2. Story Chain Yoga Game: Needed: Individual poses and sequence savers, imagination!

CatHow To: Give the kids each a color of the rainbow, ask them to pick a pose from the color section they were assigned and put the story together in a rainbow order. Allowing the children who choose red poses to go first, followed by the orange and then yellow…. Allow the kids to switch colors if the pose allows, for example, Downward Dog on Page 29 can also be the color blue in the rainbow. The child will add the pose when it is their turn, and also a creative a sentence of a yoga sequence story that goes with the pose (For example, for Downward Dog,  the dog was sniffing at something on the ground in the forest when he saw the frog hop by.). The teacher uses the sequence savers during the building of the story as a type of wild card. By the end of this game you have a unique sequence that was created and performed by the kids, and, a really fun story to tell! Cow

3. Musical Mats Game: Needed, Mats, cleaner, one pose/coloring sheet per child, tape, music.

How To: For musical mats, each child gets to pick a pose from any section Section, to tape to their mat, or one you provide. Once the class is centered, explain the game to the children. Please note, it is best to try this game with 6 or more kids. Use a fun and uplifting song and the yoga mats as if they were chairs in a musical mats game. For example, Katy Perry “Firework” was requested many times by children ages 7 to 10 this past year in my classes. When the music plays, the children dance about safely and freely and when the music stops the children must find a mat and do the pose, sequence saver or mini sequence that is taped on the mat they arrive to (You know, like musical chairs, only musical yoga mats). The child without a mat gets to move to partner poses in a another area of the classroom, with other children who have been eliminated. This way elimination offers a fun reward, and, the competitiveness of the situation is reduced. It is awesome when each child feels as though they have “won” at the end of class, yoga makes this possible.  Last but not least, it is nice to use studio mats for this or get the kids to clean the mats after to reduce cross germination 🙂

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