The below gallery is a sample “Rainbow Sequence” from The Kids Yoga 100: An Interactive Yoga Coloring Book for children ages 2 to 10 and the adults in their lives. On the back cover, pictured to the right, there is a sample rainbow sequence. Trying to use poses from each color of the rainbow, creating a fun and well rounded yoga sequence. Below is a gallery and page references  of what I like to do with my 3 year old daughter Julia (to the right trying butterfly).Kids Yoga 100 Back Cover

Here’s a short version of the story line I use before the gallery of coloring sheets:

First we start in butterfly (pg 13), feet together and wings in the sky! The butterfly lands on a flower (pg 14) and the petals blow in the breeze and eventually the flower becomes a seed (pg 27) A dog  (pg 29) comes along and sniffs at the seed on the ground, he/she stretches his/her leg up  (pg 30) with a yawn, lowers it down and then stretches the other up, and down, and walks along side her master, the first warrior (pg 43)! The first warrior is walking up a mountain (pg 49), along the walk she takes a little break in the shade of a beautiful tree (pg 52). The Warrior looks up and in the trees sees, an eagle (pg 54) in a nest. The eagle flies down to the ground  and notices a baby cobra (pg 61). The cobra slithers off, because he is afraid of  the eagle. Then, the eagle stops to say hi to  the dog (pg 29, can be blue too), who is tired, because it’s been a long walk, so he drinks from the twisting river (pg 64), walks over a bridge (pg 65) and then lies on a log for a little rest (pg 72 – corpse can be log too, it’s a bit happier!). She always finishes a hero (pg 75) doing yoga!

Tada! You have yourself a rainbow sequence, enjoy!

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  • Daksha

    Love this sequence. I am looking for interesting sequences to teach 3 -5 year olds, if you have more ideas, I would appreciate it if you could email it to me. Many thanks

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