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Halloween Yoga

It’s been a while since my last post, I come back now as a ghost.

Just in time for Halloween, in different costumes you have seen.

For a time I pondered why, I drew poses for kids to try.

Julia gave me the answer one day, yoga is just a great way to play.

Breathing, moving, and, having fun, It feels better than going for a run.

It can be done by any child, to center and calm the side that’s wild.

Differently abled, short or tall, we all win in yoga, big and small.

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Halloween Yoga: A Cartoon Yoga Sequence

This is the first fullmoonyoga.org cartoon yoga sequence, Halloween Yoga. We go through various possible Halloween costumes, yoga style, using imagination, breath and movement. In this fun, 15 minute sequence, we work on flexibility, coordination and relaxation. We go from grunting gorillas to howling dogs, and, moaning zombies, we move into different Halloween yoga costumes, finishing relaxed, as balls and chains, corpse’s, and, hero’s.

Be safe, breathe and have fun. Thank You for watching!

Yoga Safari: A Preschool and Toddler Yoga Sequence

I just recently started teaching preschool yoga classes (children ages 3 to 5 years) and toddler yoga classes (children ages crawling/toddling to 3 years) at The Studio Lake Tahoe. Getting kids to move and work on their balance and breathing in fun and creative ways is critical in these foundational years. At the below link is a 13 page pdf sequence for toddlers and preschool aged children I call Yoga Safari. I have been working on visuals for my classes and this is a little summary.

Yoga Safari

Strong Focused Warrior

One Legged Dog

Here’s a little sequence I’ve been working on with the kids of the Bijou Yoga Club and also those who attend my class at The Studio Lake Tahoe. I call this sequence Strong Focused Warrior because it starts off building some heat moving from Child and Down Dog into the Warriors and finishes with some balance postures, which tend to really help with focus. Each position should be held for a couple  of breathing cycles and the sequence should be done once on one leg and another time on the other leg with some fun frog hops to break it up every once in a while. Because it is designed for kids grades Kindergarten to Grade 2, I like to add a little storyline while I teach this one to cultivate some creativity. Have fun yogaing and coloring with your kids!!

Tips: I find it prints best if you download as a pdf first.