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Halloween Yoga

It’s been a while since my last post, I come back now as a ghost.

Just in time for Halloween, in different costumes you have seen.

For a time I pondered why, I drew poses for kids to try.

Julia gave me the answer one day, yoga is just a great way to play.

Breathing, moving, and, having fun, It feels better than going for a run.

It can be done by any child, to center and calm the side that’s wild.

Differently abled, short or tall, we all win in yoga, big and small.

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June 2013 Full Moon Yoga Coloring Sequence: Paddle Board Yoga!


This month of June, 2013, we have a super moon upon us, on June 23rd. From what I understand, this means that the moon will be very close to earth, relative to other full moons observed this year. Here in Lake Tahoe, California, we love to paddle board, so, this month we have a, stand up paddleboard yoga sequence, that you can do under the light of this June super moon, for those who don’t mind getting a bit wet once in a while*!

First we start off in butterfly (to read more on how to see gallery of coloring pages), feet together, knees to the side, spine straight, shoulders rolled back, loosen your heart and smile for a few moments, center and listen to the sound of the water rippling against the paddleboard. Once centered, and thankful for yoga time,  move onto hands and knees for some balancing fun. Take some time, with torso extended, grounding through the lower legs, hips over knees, shoulders over hands, arms extended, in table (see mini sequences in gallery), find your balance, breath, before doing some cat and cow stretching. Hiss… Moo….

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